Hookah High | The Story behind it all.


The ultimate hookah smokers high, from the ultimate hookah source, Sky.
"Good Times, High Times, Sky Times."

-Sarkis Ardjian

The Hookah:

Your source for everything you need to know about hookah and the only source for the flavor of the days because nowhere else has it. Trust me I’ve looked.

Hookah High is the lifestyle/hookah blog dedicated to hookah enthusiasts and their lifestyles.  There will be posting about facts/reviews, brands/locations, providing tips/advice and of course, the flavor of the day.

The Philosophy:

Hookah High is a blog owned by Salifex about the lifestyle events that shaped up Salifex’s ideology. Show examples of how it created the experiences and opportunities that ultimately build to Salifex's success in life. Plus in the end, there’s nothing more enjoyable than smoking some hookah on your day off or after Busting A Mission.

Smoke the Best, Fuck the Rest.

The Blog:

  • Flavor of the days
  • Reviews
  • Tips/Advice
  • Unique moments
  • News
  • Other Events

The FAQ’s:

Post Frequency:

  • Tuesdays: Reviews, Tips & Advice
  • Fridays: The Flavor of the Day
  • Other events as they occur.


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